Suffered An Injury In An Accident? We Will Protect Your Rights.

If you have suffered a disabling injury in a car accident or an on-the-job injury that requires workers' compensation, you may feel as if your life has become focused on pain and paperwork.

You do not have to face those challenges alone. At Schultz Law Office, P.A., we not only fight for the compensation you need to care for yourself and your family after an accident, but we also focus on assisting you in creating a post-accident living situation that will help you utilize your settlement or award in an efficient, sustainable way.

Do Not Wait To Call An Attorney After Your Accident

Time is of the essence when it comes to contacting a lawyer after your accident. Not only can our firm's attorneys provide you with important information about dealing with your employer or an insurance company to maximize the benefit you receive, we can help preserve valuable evidence in the case that can aid your claim.

Sometimes, clients wait to call our office because they assume they do not have a case that could benefit from civil litigation. We handle many types of personal injury plaintiff cases, including:

  • Auto accidents
  • Wrecks involving a semi or other large truck
  • On-the-job injuries that qualify for workers' compensation
  • Wrongful death lawsuits for accidents that claim the life of a loved one
  • Medical malpractice cases

Do not hesitate to call out of fear of how you will pay your legal bills. Our office operates on a contingency fee basis for personal injury clients, so you will pay nothing until we collect compensation for you.

Helping You Thrive Now And In The Future

Our firm has been successful in winning substantial settlements and awards for personal injury clients. Because of this, we work with you to ensure those funds are able to help you with long-term needs such as housing, monthly expenses and ongoing medical care. This gives you the best chance to thrive after your settlement and protects your award from inappropriate encroachment.

Get A Free Case Assessment Today

To understand how our firm can assist you with pursuing an injury accident claim, call our office at 620-277-3108 or reach out to us by email.

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